Prescribing ROMTech’s PortableConnect®

Since we first started prescribing in January of 2019, I have prescribed around 400 patients up until August 2021. ROMTech, as a whole, has seen over 1,000 patient outcomes company-wide. I would have had more patients when we first started but being a small start-up, we just didn’t have enough units to keep up with the demand. Thankfully, ROMTech takes quick action to resolve these start-up issues and was able to act to produce more units to send to me. Also, looking at costs and benefits, we are eliminating the need for extended outpatient therapy, reducing risks of manipulations, and saving money in the entire healthcare bundle model. Not only are the patient outcomes better but patient satisfaction overall. Patients are enjoying the device in their home and having access to something more convenient and safe for their early recovery.

Patient Feedback

Most patients say that the PortableConnect substantially improved their range of motion, they are reporting less pain and stiffness and using fewer narcotics. 

I used to have a conversation with patients that their first few weeks of recovery were going to be the hardest and that they weren’t going to like me very much. This was before the PortableConnect. I used to see patients after surgery that would come in for the follow-ups who would be very grumpy with me. They would come in doubting that this was the right thing for them and would be concerned with swelling and pain. Early mobility with the PortableConnect has made those first 4 weeks much more tolerable. I experience very few grumpy patients now since prescribing ROMTech’s PortableConnect. It’s made life much easier to see more smiling patients during these follow-ups. 

Some initial critiques we heard in the first few patients would be complaints that the device wouldn’t connect to their internet and that there were issues with the delivery process. Some patients would complain that three weeks with ROMTech’s device was not enough time and that they wanted to keep it for longer.

ROMTech Now

ROMTech quickly worked to resolve these issues over the last year and many of them have been addressed. They’ve vastly improved their internal processes: delivery and pick-ups are smoother, there are now options for patients to extend the amount of time with the device with cash payments, and in general, I am not hearing any negative feedback from my patients any longer.